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Adult Talk – Ethel and Ananda Coomaraswamy in Sri Lanka: About Making Things Matter

Jun 14, 2022   -   Jun 14, 2022

Join us on Tuesday 14th June for a lecture focusing on the connecting threads of the remarkable range of activities that engaged this couple within Sri Lanka. From making striking photographs of land and geological formations to documenting craft practices in danger of being lost, these activities build on prior interests and signal the later developments of their illustrious careers.

Janice Leoshko teaches art history at the University of Texas at Austin; she was also spent some years as a curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Her research and publications deal with various issues, but most especially focused on Buddhist art of eastern India. A recent return to Sri Lankan art led to her current book project on the early work of Ananda Coomaraswamy.

6pm – 7pm

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You will also have the chance to explore our new exhibition ‘The Partridge Family of Barnstaple, Ethel Mairet, Fred Partridge and the Arts and Craft Movement’ with late opening.


Black and white photograph showing Ethel Mairet sitting on the rocks

Black-and-white photograph of Ethel Mairet taken in the British Isles.

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