Exploring the newly discovered fossil forests of the North Coast of Devon and Somerset

May 11, 2024   -   May 11, 2024

Dr. Berry is a palaeobotanist specialising in understanding the early radiation of large plants and the birth of forest ecosystems in the Devonian period, about 380 million years ago. His work is based on an exciting fieldwork programme (including Svalbard, Greenland, China, USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Europe) and precision preparation of the fossils recovered in the labs here in Cardiff. He has been working on the newly discovered remnants of the Earth’s oldest fossil forest on the north coast of Devon and Somerset.

At present, the newly discovered remnants along the North Coast are the only place we see a fossil forest before the rise of tall woody trees just a couple of million years later. Dr. Berry’s talk will bring the Devonian age fossil forests to life, showing their significance locally as well as exploring other forests and fossil trees that have been worked in other places, including Belgium, Germany, Svalbard, New York, Venezuela, and China.

Join us for a talk with Dr. Berry on May 11th from 2pm – 3:30pm.

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Photo Credit: Dr. W.E. Stein ©

Image Credit: P. Giesen ©

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