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Riverwoods – Film Screening

Jan 13, 2024   -   Jan 13, 2024

Join us for a film screening of ‘Riverwoods – An Untold Story’.

“Over many centuries, the loss of Scotland’s natural woodlands and much of the wildlife that shaped them, has profoundly changed our rivers. Not so long ago, huge runs of Atlantic salmon returned each year from the sea, found their way into the cool, tree-lined headwaters of Scotland’s rivers and having spawned the next generation, most of these titanic fish died, their carcasses fuelling entire ecosystems.

Today, many of those rivers flow through bare, treeless landscapes, the legacy of centuries of burning, felling and overgrazing. Without the shade and nutrients provided by trees, rising water temperatures are impacting Scotland’s salmon and this magnificent creature is threatened like never before.”

The screening will start at 2pm on Saturday 13th January 2024.

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The film will be followed by talks on Westcountry salmon by Wayne Thomas of North Devon Angling News, James Thomas on the wetlands work of the National Trust in North Devon and a discussion on what to do about salmon decline locally.

A film poster with a large salmon under the waterline and woodland above the waterline

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