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The Cabin at Bucks Mills: a Portrait in Time – Talk by Rachel Marsh

Feb 10, 2024   -   Feb 10, 2024

A talk by Rachel Marsh, who prints under the name Semple Press, as a nod to the private press movement at the turn of the twentieth century. Her work in 2021 saw her using pinhole cameras during a residency at the Cabin in Bucks Mills, where the artists Mary Stella Edwards and Judith Ackland stayed and worked for five decades in the twentieth century.

It’s time that makes the difference in the pinhole shots she takes. Rachel’s use of pinhole cameras in the solitude of the Cabin at Bucks Mills has produced a series of beautiful enigmatic works. It’s a technique that she has incorporated with photopolymer gravure prints and liquid light darkroom exposed images on printmaking paper.

The talk will take place from 2pm – 3:30pm and tickets are FREE.

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© Rachel Marsh

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